What To Do If You Lose Your Bug Out Bag

Ask any prepper what they consider to be their foundational piece of kit and they’ll almost always say their BOB or Go-Bag. Sure, a few switched-on mindset-focused types will answer “my brain,” and they aren’t wrong, but I am speaking specifically about equipment, not wetware.

The BOB is the cornerstone of most preppers’ planning and organization because it enables survival across a wider variety of domains and situations than just the clothes on one’s back. A packed bug out bag at the ready or close at hand means your chances of enduring a sticky situation just went up. The BOB contains implements to cover all requirements necessary to life in a crisis, and assures you’ll have shelter, food, water, light, security and more when you need it. Wherever you can park yourself and access the blessed BOB’s contents, you are home.

With so much necessary equipment in one piece of luggage, it begs the question: what will happen should you lose it, or be forced to ditch it to accomplish some necessary task? How well will you fare with just your wits and whatever is in your pockets, if anything? Do you have all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your equipment? Should you take precautions to make recovery of your bag easier?

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source: survivalsullivan.com

  • Carl Nemo **==

    I question the sanity of a BOB. Where are people going to go? Getting in one’s auto’s during a crisis means grid lock with no one going anywhere with violence breaking out everywhere along the highway. Unless one has a retreat and enough lead time to get there, then heading out it is a formula for one’s demise. Someone with a firearm and no ‘bag’ is going to dry gulch anyone with provisions and take them. Think not, then think again. So too if you live in a desert region like Nevada, Southern California etc. you won’t be able to carry enough water to hydrate. Of course carrying a portable water straw/filter would help, but still where is one to go without a plan? So that will be a major crisis to consider. Unless it’s an earthquake or other natural disaster that’s destroyed hundreds or thousands of homes including referenced BOB owner the moving onto the open road or nearby forests is again a death sentence. People have simply watched too many action movies to think they are the ‘tough’ one’s that can survive. Most people are not tough and don’t have the right stuff to survive. The best bet is to provision one’s home or apartment and stay put if possible while thousands of fools march off to their deaths. Not joking either. Sorry to sound pessimistic. My hat goes off to those with the resources to own a second home out in the ‘wilderness’, but to me no place will be safe with roving bands of armed thugs everywhere. The gunfire 24/7 will make the 4th of July seems like a cakewalk.