Why You Must Have An mergency Weather Radio

When preparing for the daunting prospect of an impending natural disaster, a lot of people will overlook the fact that pretty much every form of communication that they take for granted, cell phones, landlines, televisions, computers, etc, will, in all probability, be rendered useless, as soon as the situation, whatever it may be, has hit their locale.

Not everyone will overlook the fact that they will need to have some form of communication when the usual communication channels go down; in fact some people will have been smart enough to have invested in two way radios ensuring they have a easy to use communication system in place and ready to use and ideal for keeping in contact with and co-coordinating friends and family albeit at a local level.

Although having two-way radios in the emergency kit is a great idea, their range is extremely limited, especially in urban locations, so there will always be a shortfall on information when it comes to what is happening locally outside that relatively small range (2 miles if you’re extremely lucky) and definitely when seeking regional info.

Surprisingly, when you consider how much we as a species rely upon communication it is quite bewildering how little importance many of us give to the gathering of external information when in a crisis situation, and the failure to make even a small investment on a good, reliable emergency weather radio should be deemed reckless to say the least.

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source: survivalsullivan.com

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