Why You Need a Geiger Counter

I remember back in the day at school we used to have emergency disaster drills. We were all marched out into the hallway and lined up against the wall. We were then instructed to sit down facing the wall, put our heads between our knees and our hands over our heads.

I guess this was so our mouths would be closer to our butts so we could kiss them goodbye when the nukes hit. That’s what the drills were for, during the cold war era when I was in school we used to practice disaster drills for nuclear war. I’m not quite sure what good lining up in the hall would do us, other than keeping us all calm before we became ash.

Here is a civil defense video from the 1950’s, a couple decades before my grade school memories of the hallway, but the same ideology. Duck, and cover, useless really in the event of an actual atomic bomb explosion, but this is really what they told us to do.

Later, when I was a teenager, the Mad Max movies with Mel Gibson came out. I remember the third installment, “Beyond Thunderdome”, Max (Mel) came to a dirty “city” called “Bartertown” and a grungy looking guy offered him some water. Max whipped out the ol’ Geiger counter and it clicked wildly, alerting Max to its radioactivity.

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source: http://www.survivalsullivan.com/why-we-should-all-have-a-geiger-counter/